Natalie Balen-Cinelli

lead photographer

I take care of lifestyle family sessions, in-home newborns, and commercial work like photographing influencers, interiors and working with small businesses (I'm aware it's a strange mix, but meh, it works for me!). I'm mostly self-taught which used to be a hang up, but now it's something I'm pretty proud of. Pizza over salads, sour over sweet, and coffee over tea (no brainer).

I look forward to telling your story!


Angela Cheyne

associate photographer

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Angela moved to Toronto for college and never looked back. She worked in film & television production for 10 years before transitioning to family photography. A lover of travel, design & architecture, Mexican food & coffee (always coffee), Angela's been the one with the camera as long as she can remember. She's a boy mom twice-over, who'll take sneakers over heels any day, loves shooting natural light, capturing the little in-between moments and will take a good pouty face over a forced "cheese" anytime. 


Catherine Liguori-Bialek

associate photographer

I believe in the magic of children. Capturing their fleeting moments so they exist forever is a passion I’ve discovered. It comes naturally! Especially now as a mother, there is no better reason to be behind my lens. Come share your precious little ones with me, I’m so grateful for each opportunity.