Natalie Balen-Cinelli

lead photographer

I take care of lifestyle family sessions, in-home newborns, and commercial work like photographing influencers, interiors and working with small businesses (I'm aware it's a strange mix, but meh, it works for me!). I'm mostly self-taught which used to be a hang up, but now it's something I'm pretty proud of. Pizza over salads, sour over sweet, and coffee over tea (no brainer).

I look forward to telling your story!


Catherine Liguori-Bialek

senior photographer

I believe in the magic of children. Capturing their fleeting moments so they exist forever is a passion I’ve discovered. It comes naturally! Especially now as a mother, there is no better reason to be behind my lens. Come share your precious little ones with me, I’m so grateful for each opportunity.


Angela Cheyne

social media manager/photographer

Our resident world traveller, Angela is currently on an adventure exploring the Irish life in Limerick with her family. Angela is still an integral part of the team, handling all things social media. We hope to have her back and shooting again next year, but for now you can follow her on our “That Irish Life” story highlight!